Millenium Expert is the preferred choice of small and medium size businesses. Millenium expert is a feature-rich access control system designed to fit a wide range of applications and sites.

Millenium Expert’s architecture is suited for organizations that wish to maintain a solid access control network using different communication modes. In addition, Millenium expert allows operators to manage their access control system from a standard PC workstation anywhere on their communication network.

Benefits of Millenium Access Control

  • Lock and unlock doors according to preset schedules, which leaves you in control.
  • Real-time event monitoring and reporting, so you can check the status at noon, midnight, or anywhere in between.
  • Centralized lockdown capability, which gives you the peace of mind to know that if there’s a security issue, you still have ultimate control.
  • Easy expansion-one door or one site at a time up to 100,000 access points. This means that as you grow, so does Millenium.
  • Instant alarm notification supported by maps, sounds, instructions, and reports. More than one resource means you have more than one way to deal with security breaches.
  • Compatible with many types of access technologies: PIN codes, proximity cards, LEGIC®, magnetic stripe cards, smart cards, biometric devices, bar codes. This saves you money, since you don’t need to spend dollars on different technologies.
  • Audit results quickly accessed and reports easily generated. You get the info you need, when you need it, according to your schedule.
  • Distributed architecture allows access points to function normally even if communication with the PC is interrupted. This fail-safe allows for even more peace of mind.