In order to keep close watch over the many services we provide, we deploy several network monitoring tools in order to maintain, troubleshoot, and repair data networks.

These tools allows us to monitor networks remotely in our main facility. If anything should happen to any network devices (computers, phone systems, access control, DVRs, wireless links, etc.) we will be automatically notified and begin to diagnose and repair any issues; ensuring as little downtime as possible.

Remotely monitor your network

The same remote software that Hello Alert uses to monitor your network can also be installed for your administrators, district managers, dispatchers. This tool allows you to be the front line network troubleshooter. Should something stop working, an employee can check the software and either call or email the appropriate vendor with a specific issue. This helps save troubleshooting and repair times.

Organize and protect your network

The network monitoring software allows you to keep track of the IP addresses in use on your network. This allows for a much more organized and safer network. Never get a headache dealing with multiple vendors ever again.