Congratulations to the Coram Fire Department!

Coram Fire Department has gone live on their new 2-position Avtec Scout console! The renovation of their dispatch center is underway. We are looking forward to completing and moving them into their new state of the art facility.

Avtec Scout 3.0 announced!

The new suite of Scout 3.0 hardware and software components has been announced and is launching soon. Watch the attached video to find out what’s new.


Avtec Scout 3.0 Overview


Avtec Scout 3.0 demo at IWCE2013


Contact us about updating to Scout 3.0!

Public Safety Dispatching Webinar

Check out this webinar from Avtec. Learn all of the integration capabilities of the Avtec Scout IP console.

Avtec Webinar

Video: See how the Avtec Scout console is benefiting agencies outside of New York

Watch to learn how Simsbury Fire and Meriden Fire and Police take advantage of the Avtec Scout’s versatility.

Video: Avtec Scout @ Nassau County FireCom

Please take a few minutes to watch this interview with Nassau FireCom (Long Island, NY) about their new communications center based around the Avtec Scout VoIP console.